The Eco Cottages at East Point will be the first cottage community of its kind in metro-Atlanta, coming soon.   Located in Historic Downtown East Point, the community is planned on a 7.69 acre parcel and will have 40 eco-cottages on permanent foundations.  Each house will range from approximately 750-1000  square feet and will have access to an array of community areas and vast green space.  

The Eco Cottages at East Point is  a new type of community that is a culmination of sustainable structures, new urbanism and micro agrihood.  We are redefining the idea of a neighborhood by encouraging relationships between neighbors physically and socially through the design of the neighborhood layout and the engagement through community activities.  At the Eco Cottages at East Point, you instantly become part of a diverse community of like minded individuals, and you come home to a place where everybody knows your name

By design, our eco-cottages are significantly smaller than the average US home, therefore have a considerably small footprint, literally and environmentally. These  efficiently-designed interiors, customizable to your needs and tastes, are all that you need.  The careful orientation of structures and creative use of porches and gardens creates privacy while maintaining closeness with neighbors,  With a varied landscape including preserved century old hardwoods to planned edible landscaping ranging from vertical gardens, potted herbs, a community garden, we aim to incorporate sustainability throughout.